App for dermatoscopy which allow you to capture dermatoscopy images directly from your phone, sincronyse it to a cloud software and connect any wher you have a web acces. Professional digital application for dermatologists mainly. The most modern and innovative software solution for  dermatoscopy.
Because medical system needs a new-reliable-safe-practical dermoscopy images storage method,for doctors activating in more than one location (young specialists, exeprimented derms in public and private practice) and for any person who wants to access a captured dermatoscopic image anytime, anywhere.

  • compatible with any dermatoscope models that can be atached to an Android Smartphone or Android Digital Camera.
  • affordable price
  • can upload other photos that doctors already have in their PC or phone
Application is recommended primarily for
  • dermatologist,
  • plastic surgeons,
  • general practitioners and other health professionals attempting early diagnosis of melanomaIt may be appropriate
  • patients who want to consult a doctor opinion.

Features of the Mobile App
  • capturing and viewing  images of skin lesions, dermal vasculature, also Trichoscan
  • create and managed easily patients database
  • user database to save special cases
  • view skin images directly from the application with adjustable exposure and zoom to obtain a good diagnostic image
  • aply grid and ruler and measurement of lesion area before or after saving the image
  • save the image with asignment to a patient or in ‚cases’ directory
  • possible to add annotations and comments to image, emailing, printing or sending report analysis
  • databases on smartphone automatically syncs with your cloud so you can accces your images from any terminal connected to the Internet
Features of the WEB module:
  • viewing dermoscopy images taket with your dermatoscope  from any PC, laptop or tablet connected to the Internet.
  • database management - images are automatically arranged on the patient and on visit  date to the doctor.
  • view image at largy sizes and higher resolution.
  • simultaneously view two images for  compare purpose.
  • print images or reports, emailing or referral for secondary opinion.

Harness the power of the Cloud!
Store the photos in a
cloud and access them
anytime, anywhere
Fast and secure way
to store patients' data
on your phone
Smarthphone App

All features suported

Telemedicine support

$10/download (6 months)

Smartphone App

Web Client and Server

All features included

Customer support

$6/month (2 months free!)

Smartphone App

Web Client and Server

All features included

Customer support


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Works great with professional tools

The app only needs the phone's camera to work, but it also can be
paired with pro tools such as dermatoscopes.

All Android devices are supported, but for best experience we
recommend the Samsung Galaxy S series.

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