Scan, analyze and store precise
dermatoscopic image in the cloud.
Why choose Derma-Cloud?
Derma-Cloud is a project for dermatologists and contains three main modules:
a mobile Android app, a Web Client and a Server.
Dermatoscopy consultation in any location.

Application Features

Capture pictures with skin lesions, using mobile camera
and a mobile dermatoscope

Good visualization with zoom and filters
measure and analyze

Synchronizes database and photos to Cloud Server

Manage your patients' photos and databases everywhere

Web Client Features

Possibility to access photos from the web interface

View image at largy sizes and higher resolution,

Simultaneously view two images for compare purpose.

Print images or reports, emailing or referral for secondary opinion

Harness the power of the Cloud!
Store the photos in a
cloud and access them
anytime, anywhere
Fast and secure way
to store patients' data
on your phone
Smarthphone App

All features suported

Telemedicine support

$10/download (6 months)

Smartphone App

Web Client and Server

All features included

Customer support

$6/month (2 months free!)

Smartphone App

Web Client and Server

All features included

Customer support


Download Get 12 months Get 6 months

Works great with professional tools

The app only needs the phone's camera to work, but it also can be
paired with pro tools such as dermatoscopes.

All Android devices are supported, but for best experience we
recommend the Samsung Galaxy S series.

Need a dermatoscope?
Digital Proscope

just $149

Dermlite I

just $495

Dermlite II

starting from $995